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Testing skeletal muscle function is an important component of any screening assessment or return to function assessment post injury. Isokinetic dynamometry is utilised to test the concentric and eccentric strength of the body’s joints and the musculature around them. Our accurate and reliable Biodex 4 Pro System maintains angular velocity to measure maximum muscle strength over a number of different speeds and functions at the shoulder, knee and ankle. The System 4 applications are supported by evidence-based clinical protocols for injuries such as shoulder dysfunction, knee osteoarthritis, lateral ankle sprains, patellofemoral dysfunction and ACL injury/reconstructions.

Our isokinetic assessment here at Perform@Shawfair Park, popular with elite sports, includes determination of peak torque and fatigue variables, calculation of hamstring vs quadriceps ratios, and comparisons between your data, elite performance and norms for your bodyweight, all of which can be used to an advantage in sport to reduce injury risk and increase performance. Advice, support and then a comprehensive report is then provided by our Physiotherapy team for training programme progression and the meeting of clear strength targets.  Future tests to re-evaluate strength can be directly compared to previous results.

Following the comprehensive isokinetic assessment, the dynamometer can also be utilised for injury rehabilitation and prevention, strengthening the muscle as required. The dynamometer will provide objective, consistent and accurate data safely to ensure the greatest outcome for our client and their individual needs throughout a rehabilitation programme. Our Biodex can also be programmed to work passively through a range to increase flexibility and aid joint ROM. The activity-specific work simulation exercises allow for assessment and rehabilitation specific to your field of work and the wide range of data collected can be utilised in industrial medicine to enhance productivity.

To find out more about how you or your patient/athlete may benefit from our isokinetic assessment, telephone 0131 654 5650 or email