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UV Treatment

Spire Murrayfield Physiotherapy offers light therapy for treatment of skin conditions such as psoriaisis or eczema.  Light therapy, or phototherapy, as it is often called, involved exposing the skint to Ultraviolet (UV) light on a regular basis which slows the growth of affected skin cells.  UV treatment is undertaken with close medical supervision.  A consultant referral is required.

The UV light therapy uses a specially designed cabinet containing fluorescent tubes to produce the ultraviolet light.  This is shoe on your whole body or the area of your skin that requires treatment. 

In the first few sessions, your treatment may last for less than a minute.  The duration may be gradually increased in later sessions to a number of minutes, depending on your skin type and how you respond to light therapy. 

You will need to attend Spire Murrayfield Physiotherapy between two and three times a week for a course of light therapy.  Most people have between 20 and 25 treatments.

To make an appointment contact Murrayfield Physiotherapy on 0131 316 2537 or