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Workplace Assessment

For many workers the working day involves using display screen equipment (DSE) such as desktop or laptop computer, working for long hours in relatively fixed positions, performing repetitive tasks. Spire Edinburgh Physiotherapy recognises the importance of correct ergonomics in the workplace.

The latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that over one million people a year are affected by musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders making them one of the most common causes of sickness absence in the UK. This costs employers 11.6 million days in sick leave. Physiotherapists are best placed to understand how MSK problems can be caused or aggravated by work and how they affect an individual’s ability to work.

Symptoms can include pain discomfort in the neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists & hands, as well as low back pain.

Working with both employer and employee, Kirsty Parry, a specialist physiotherapist with expert knowledge in occupational health, DSE, work related conditions and ergonomics can perform a one to one evaluation of workstations in the employee’s workplace. These assessments are also ideal for home workers.

Why are DSE assessments beneficial?

  • Swift physiotherapy intervention can help the employee stay at work or enable a faster return to work
  • Can improve health & posture
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Comply with HSE regulations
  • Improved morale = good business

How the service works

Workstation assessment for individuals with simple musculoskeletal problems

  • Assessment of posture and any existing musculoskeletal disorders.
  • 30-45 minutes assessment, including assessment of computer interface, screen, chair, mouse, keyboard, desk and environment.
  • A written report is provided to the employer outlining the findings of the assessments, any changes made, information given and includes equipment recommendations, exercises and any advice which may help to prevent injury.

Extended services

  • Referral to a physiotherapy &/or specialist spinal consultant if necessary.

How to make an appointment

Should you feel our DSE advice would help make your work easier and reduce those aches and pains, please contact Spire Edinburgh Physiotherapy on 0131 316 2537 or email